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Bios: David Landsman

David Landsman is a compliance professional with expertise in BSA/AML programs for MSBs and other BSA industries. His firm, David Landsman Consulting Associates, specializes in independent AML reviews, risk assessments, manuals and training. He has provided expert witness services and consulted for attorneys, served as compliance officer for global money transmitters, and assisted firms with license applications and customer due diligence.

Mr. Landsman has long experience in the money transfer industry. Until September, 2018, he was the Executive Director of the National Money Transmitters Association representing state-licensed money transmitters. In that role, he served on FinCEN’s BSA Advisory Group, testified before Congress, and addressed groups such as the World Bank, FATF and the UN Development Fund.

David speaks conversational Spanish and Portuguese.

Bios: Allan Ramlall 

Allan Ramlall is an experienced Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Specialist concentrating his expertise in setting up internal policies, procedures and compliance programs for numerous institutions. Versatility and adaptability is a key component for Allan’s success. Expertise ranges from compliance to 30-plus years of experience in the banking industry, foreign exchange firms, international remittance companies, real estate, and precious metals institutions.

Fearless and driven throughout his career, Allan has been a pioneer in envisioning advanced business processes and methods to move organizations forward to higher productivity. Prior to Allan’s role as an AML/CFT Compliance consultant, his efforts and expertise were centered as a foreign exchange and metals trader. His determination and dedication directly contributed to trading over USD$1 billion annually in international banknotes and metals. As a leader in business development for remittance activities, Allan was responsible for generating over 100,000 plus monthly transactions in the U.S., Spain, Africa corridor. Along with revitalizing ailing organizations through game-changing turnarounds, Allan has also excelled in improving the health of the workplace. His mission has always been to bring dignity and strength to each individual worker. He is proud to have managed the day to day operations of many companies as well as hiring, guiding and mentoring staff to progress in their careers. On a personal note, Allan has successfully obtained money transfer licenses for a number of states including but not limited to New York.

Insightfully recognizing the increasing global emphasis on money laundering and terrorist financing, Allan re-aligned his professional attention to the AML compliance field. Ensuring that institutions adhere to the U.S. Patriot Act as well as current domestic and international regulations is his current major focus. With this objective in mind, Allan creates and enforces risk assessment programs for the private sector. Part of his compliance duties include conducting due diligence on major NGO’s and multi-national companies, as well as ‘vetting’ international counter-parties such as overseas banks and trading institutions.

Since 2010, Allan serves as the External Compliance Consultant for Emerging Markets Limited ( 44 Wall Street, Suite 704, New York, NY 10005). Amongst his many responsibilities Allan has been directly accountable for Risk Assessment, Due Diligence, and Customer On-Boarding/Vetting.

Customer On-Boarding / Vetting

  • Establishing and/or reviewing existing and new customers
  • Ensure and verify that Identification documentation complies with the Know Your Customer / Customer Identification Program (KYC/CIP)
  • Review OFAC Sanctions Compliance for all customers
  • Assess corporate customers with appropriate Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Anti-Corruption Compliance Program

Due Diligence

  • Coordinating, preparing and participating in client due diligence reviews
  • Utilizing Negative News Search Establishing enhanced Due Diligence protocol on higher risk accounts

Risk Assessment 

  • Identifying, assessing and developing solution measures to manage and mitigate risks
  • Allocate resources to higher risk categories 


  • Bribery & Corruption
  • Advanced Analytics Tools to Address Operational Challenges for Financial Crime Investigation Processes
  • Know Your Employee (KYE) : Ensuring Integrity in the Workshop
  • Essential Training for Compliance Professionals
  • BSA/AML Risk Workshop: End to End Process
  • Mastering Treasury’s New Customer Due Diligence Final Rule
  • Financial Crime Risk Assessments:  What to Start, Continue and Stop
  • Sanctions and AML Screening:  Essential and Best Practices
  • Enhancing AML Compliance Regimes in MSB Practices
  • The Challenges of Terrorist Financing Typology Design
  • A New Approach to Fight Complex Money Laundering Schemes 
  • Suspicious Activity Report Writing

As an entrepreneur Allan has undertaken various successful business endeavors. He was the proud owner of Business Alpha Solutions, established 2007 in Toms River, NJ. The business plan consisted of real estate investments and business outsourcing, apart from expertise in AML/CFT activities.

Real Estate Investments

A) Residential real estate investments, renovation and turnover

B) Commercial real estate for investment income

Business Outsourcing

A) Website development services for U.S. based companies

B) Person to business telecom sales service for U.S. regional telecommunications company 

With a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from American University, a Masters of Science from the School of Foreign Service at  Georgetown University specializing in International Trade and many years within the financial industry, Allan has deep expertise and a value added asset.

Allan can be reached via phone at (732)-664-1283 or email at airamlall@gmail.com